Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Marc and I got Lil Joc all ready for bed, got her to sleep and put in our Netflix movie.. "Beyond belief" ...

My new thing is documentaries, I love them so just randomly clicked on this one.. Tears were defiantly shed watching this journey of 2 widows to Afghanistan to help other widows.

One woman said that a woman is a woman , a mother is a mother no matter what country you live in. These women struggle every day to survive and provide for their children, just as most other mothers in the world I think feel compelled to do. Watching these types of stories make
me so fired up to try to do something about how the world is, but what can I do?. our world has been fighting, at war, etc for so long.. Even now our president who campaigned for peace , love, and change still continues the war by sending more troops. Hatred is learned in life one woman said in the movie and I agree ; we are born innocent and pure and full of love, and all this war is teaching our children to discriminate and hate.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life, As I Know It...: Breaking News

Life, As I Know It...: Breaking News

Life is good ....

this weekend was great.... chillin and movies with the family friday night, saturday a festival and a baseball game, and then a football game with friends today !! .. little jocelyn too is such a trooper i must say, we take here everywhere and she seems to love taking it all in...

i also went to this cute little baby store today called giggle in lincoln park , i finally got a cup holder for the stroller and then some bath toys for jocelyn.. ! ( funny what becomes so fun when you have a baby.. we actually were really looking forward to playing with joc in the bathtub when we left the bar.. )

tomorrow the house we want is getting inspected.. please lots of prayers out there that all goes smoothly ! we love the house and looking even more forward to making it our home .. :)

one last thing... i just made a website for one of my best friends.... its urbanchefjen.blogspot.com
check it out...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Night

Its finally Friday ! Yeah always looking forward to the weekend. Im a bit sleepy today we had a bunch of friends over last night for dinner.. It was great.. We have the best of friends and we always love spending time with them..
We also had a bunch of food around the house and this morning Marc called me all worried because lil Joc threw up a big piece of bread.. Thank God she didnt get choked on it last night. We need to be more careful about what is around since she is crawling and picking up everything and putting it in her mouth.. We are now going to vaccumm the floor every morning!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday August 24/09

While watching the news the other night I saw a special about mommy bloggers. Moms writing about their life and experiences with new products out there for some extra cash... I thought why not..

Its Monday , the start of a new work week... I work in sales for a produce company but most of the chefs are off on Mondays so its a pretty easy day for me.. I came home hugged my husband and baby girl and then a knock at the door.. FedEx with 11 boxes of Curity Diapers and Wipes from our friends in Alabama !! We are definitely stocked for awhile.. Thanks Kristie and Kyle , we love you !

Little Jocelyn is on the move now , she is crawling , sitting up, laying down, moving all over. We went to Right Start over the weekend and bought a baby gate for only $30, Summer is the brand and it looks great and was easy to put up.. ( well I think so , my husband did it.. )

Thats all for today , now we are off to hunt for a new house !